23 Jul 2012

Bahuguna resigned as Member of Parliament

Chief Minister Vijay Bahuguna resigned as Member of Parliament on Monday. He rendered his resignation to Lok Sabha Speaker Meera Kumar.
 Chief Minister Bahuguna later
speaking to the media persons said that his tenure as MP was satisfactory and had got ample opportunity to learn many things from the senior politicians of the country. He said that as MP he had projected several problems relating to his constituency Tehri in the House and had received positive response from the Central Government. He said that a convention of women speakers was scheduled to be held in Uttarakhand for which he had also invited the Lok Sabha Speaker.
Chief Minister Bahuguna described election of veteran politician Pranab Mukherjee as the President his highest stage of political career. He said that Mr. Mukherjee was the man with a great heart and country would benefit from his experience. Mr. Bahuguna said that India was the largest democratic country hence the President ought to be elected unanimously. He said that Mr. Mukherjee's election as the President had not only brought laurels for West Bengal but also for the entire country in the global scenario.

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