13 Dec 2013

Promotion of Indigenous Technology

Shri S.Jaipal Reddy
 The Government has taken a number of steps for promotion of indigenous technologies. Important among them are given below:

(i)                 Department of Science & Technology has been focusing on development of convergent technology solutions including technology demonstrations. Focused areas for development and deployment of technology solutions include water, solar energy, nanotechnology, affordable healthcare, potash based fertilizer, home-land security and bamboo based construction materials. 

Indigenous technologies developed by various institutions are promoted continuously as part of ongoing effort. The Department also provides support for validation, demonstration, popularization of the proven technologies for larger benefit of the people through its State Science & Technology Programme. 

Industry-institutional-collaborative projects are also supported for the development of prototype / pilot scale units to study cost benefit ratio before commercialization through programmes like Technology Systems Development, Instrumentation Development, Drugs and Pharmaceuticals Research (DPRP), Small Business Innovative Research Initiatives (SBIRI) of DST/DBT. 

National Innovation Foundation (NIF), Ahmedabad conducts biennial national competitions for grass-root level, promote green technologies developed by farmers, mechanics, artisans and validate these innovations and help to protect their Intellectual Property. 

Technology Development Board (TDB) extends soft loans for promoting inventions of commercially viable technologies. 

Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) in collaboration with Small Industries Development Bank of India (SIDBI) facilitates promotion of indigenous technologies. In addition, TIFAC also provides support for promotion of innovative technology/ products through its Technology Refinement and Marketing Programme (TREMAP).

(ii)               Department of Biotechnology has formulated and implemented a number of programmes related to medical technologies and biodesign innovation. These include; Stanford-India Biodesign programme; Healthcare Technology Innovation Centre; Centre for Bioscience and Bioengineering; and Centre forBiodesign and in-vitro diagnostics.

(iii)             Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) has launched “Patent Acquisition and Collaborative Research and Technology Development (PACE)” scheme in the 12th Five Year Plan with an aim to support Indian industries to acquire patented technology at an early stage, add value to the acquired technology, either independently or in collaboration with public funded research institutions in India or abroad for exploitation in Indian/foreign markets and develop “Made in India” innovative and socially relevant products for public consumption. 

Innovation Complexes of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) catalyze innovation eco-system in the region, incubate platform technologies in the identified areas, incubate spinoffs and nurture Micro Small and Medium Sector Enterprises (MSMEs) in the designated fields through innovative inputs. National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) encourages invention promotion, leverages innovations and inventions for competitiveness through its activities.

Union Minister of Science & Technology and Earth Sciences Shri S.Jaipal Reddy gave this   information in reply to a written question in the Rajya Sabha today.

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